Saturday, August 1, 2015

Video Shows Cincinnati Killer Cop Ray Tensing Violating Citizen's Rights During 2014 Traffic Stop

Ray Tessing at his arraignment

By Davy V.

A video posted to YouTube shows Ray Tensing, the Cincinatti University Police officer charged with murder after shooting an unarmed black man to death, conducting an illegal traffic stop of two men, and violating their civil rights.

The 2014 incident is especially disturbing and eerie to watch, given what we know now about how Tensing executed Sam Duboise. in what Cincinatti prosecuting attorney Joseph T. Deters called a "senseless, asinine shooting."

Tensing stopped Duboise on July 19th for allegedly not having a front plate on his Honda Accord.

Ray Tensing then tries to open Duboise's driver's door.

A few seconds later Tensing shoots the 43-year old Duboise in the head at point blank range.

Then, in an attempt to justify his executing an innocent, unarmed black man, Tensing lied, claiming 
that he was dragged by Duboise' car.

But Tensing's own body can video tells a different story.

Condeming Tensing's actions, Deters said the video is crucial evidence, as it shows that Sam Duboise was not aggressive in any way, and never posed a threat to Tensing.

"It was a senseless, asinine shooting," Deters said, adding "This doesn't happen in the United States, ok?"

"This might happen in Afghanistan, people don't get shot for a traffic stop."

In the 2014 video, Ray Tensing, in an eerily similar fashion, orders the men out of their vehicle, for no reason.

Check out the video below.

As far as Cincinatti prosecuting attorney Joseph T. Deters, while I applaud his denouncing Sam Duboise's execution by yet another trigger-happy cop, he's wrong.

Yes Mr. Deters.

This is the United States.

And people do get shot, AND KILLED for a traffic stop.

Especially when they're black.

Click link below to watch video of Ray Tensing's 2014 video.

Click link below to watch video of Sam Duboise shooting.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rochester, NY Cop Caught on Video Harassing Black Youths: "I'm Not Gonna Change My Attitude Just Because You're Recording Me... Take All Your Chairs, and All Your Shit, and Move it Over Here!"

Rochester, NY Cop Harasses, Threatens Black Youths

By Davy V.

For years the Rochester, NY Police Department has claimed that they want to earn the trust and respect of black and Latino youth in the inner city.

They sure have a funny way of showing it.

A group of young black men sitting outside on a hot and muggy Thursday afternoon saw this first hand.

But thanks to the quick thinking of one of the youths, he was able to catch what often goes unseen, and undocumented.

The lack of respect that Rochester, NY Police officers have for minorities.

The video shows an unidentified white Rochester, NY Police officer harassing and threatening four black youths on Sixth Street, on Rochester's east side, Thursday afternoon, after the officer accuses the youths of "dealing dope."

With a small notepad on hand, the Rochester, NY Police officer starts berating the youths.

"And I'm not going to change my attitude just because you're recording me," the RPD officer tells the youths.

"I say it how it is, and you're over here dealing dope too, mr. recorder."

But he doesn't stop there.

The Rochester, NY cop continues to not only show just how unprofessional the Rochester Police Department really is, but also the lack of respect, and cultural sensitivity training that exists when it comes to white police officers working in inner city, minority neighborhoods.

Check out the video for yourself.

At one point, the Rochester, NY Police officer threatens the youths, telling them "I'm gonna be out here watching you, I may be in those bushes, I may be in this vacant house..."

Then in a clear show of abuse of authority and badge flexing, the overzealous RPD cop orders the youths to move.

"Take all your chairs, and all your shit, and move it over here!"

This RPD cop, and this video is proof of what I've been saying for years.

Not only do Rochester, NY Police officers treat minorities like shit, but they create, and then escalate completely unnecessary situations.

Then expect the community to respect them.

The video also shows something else which is very disturbing.

It shows that Rochester, NY Police officers are out of control.

They don't care that their rogue actions are being recorded.

In this case, the RPD officer boldly admits he doesn't care.

"And I'm not going to change my attitude just because you're recording me," he tells the youths.

This is very disturbing, since the City of Rochester, NY is moving towards a plan to outfit Rochester Police officers with body cams.


This defiant Rochester, NY cop admits he WILL NOT change his ATTITUDE just because he's being video recorded.

Way to earn trust and respect RPD.


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What The Today Show Didn't Say About The Real Rochester, NY Police Department

Today Show Correspondent Jeff Rossen in Rochester, NY

By Davy V.

Thursday morning, millions of viewers watched NBC's Today Show correspondent Jeff Rossen's report  live from my hometown of Rochester, NY, on citizens' rights when stopped by police.

The segment featured Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Henry Favor, who participated in a mock traffic stop of Jeff Rossen.

The nearly 4 minute segment focused on what a motorist should do when stopped by police.

And while most of it was your run of the mill, basic "Licence and registration please" dialogue on 
behalf of Rochester Police Sgt. Henry Favor, it's what the report doesn't show that really passed me the fuck off.

You see, I'm from Rochester.

I was born in Rochester.

And except for moving to Miami, Florida as a baby, I've lived in Rochester for the past 35 years.

And at least the past 20 years I've exposed just how corrupt the Rochester, NY Police Department really is,

In Jeff Rossen's segment, he asks Rochester Police Sgt. Henry Favor, if a motorist has the right to video record the traffic stop.

And Sgt. Favor says "Yes."

And he's right.

Not only do citizens have the right to record, a right protected under the first amendment, but I always urge citizens to do so.

In fact, I recommend citizens record EVERY INTERACTION with law enforcement.

So what's my issue with Sgt. Favor and The Today Show segment?

Well, it's Rochester Police Sgt. Henry Favor's hypocrisy combined with the fact that millions of viewers who saw the segment don't have any idea of the Rochester, NY Police Department's long history of violating citizens' first amendment right to record.

Case in point.

May 12, 2011.

Rochester, NY Police officer Mario Masic falsely arrests Emily Good after she video records a racially profiled traffic stop of a black motorist.

Despite Emily Good excercising her first amendment right to record, RPD officer Mario Masic, known as "Cowboy" on Rochester streets, bullies Good, telling her her to go inside her house several times, before arresting her.

The arrest made international headlines, and charges against Emily Good were dismissed.

And just a few months ago, on April 15, 2015, a young African-American law student was walking to a Rochester library when she witnessed two Rochester, NY Police officers harassing a group of black youths.

"They were yelling at the youths and telling them that if they didn't leave, they were going to arrest them," the young woman, who didn't want me to publish her real name out of fear of retaliation by Rochester Police told me.

The young woman told me that's when one of the RPD officers handcuffed one of the youths and put him in the back of his cruiser.

"That's when I started recording," she said.

"I mean the youths didn't appear to be doing anything wrong, they were just walking."

What happens next is exactly why I was disgusted by Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Henry Favor's hypocrisy when it comes to his making it seem like the Rochester, NY Police Department respects the United States Constitution and citizens first amendment right to record.


Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Henry Favor knows very well that his fellow officers have absolutely no respect for citizens constitutional rights.

He knows chances are very good that any citizen who chooses to excercise his or her first amendment right to record a Rochester, NY Police officer will more than likely face aggressive intimidation tactics and/or arrest.

As you can see in the video below, a Rochester Police officer, driving cruiser number 261, drives over to the library's parking lot, drives up on the young woman and blasts his high decibel siren/alarm, in an attempt to intimidate the young woman, and get her to stop recording.

"I couldn't believe what the officer was doing, I mean that's coercion," the young woman told me.

In the video the RPD officer can be seen just sitting in hs cruiser while he blares the loud siren, but the young woman holds her ground, exercising her first amendment right to record.

And that's the real Rochester, NY Police Department.

No respect for the first amendment.

But The Today Show would never show that.

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Henry Favor




Rochester, NY Police officer stares young woman down as he blares loud siren at her.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Dillon Taylor

By Davy V.

When it comes to police killing innocent citizens, we've all seen the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, but how about white lives?

Do white lives matter?

Take, for example, the police shooting of 20-year old Dillon Taylor, an unarmed white young man shot and killed by a black cop, Salt Lake City, Utah Police officer Bron Cruz on August 11, 2014 outside of a 7-Eleven store.

Salt Lake City Police officer Bron Cruz shot Dillon twice.

Once in the chest.

Once in the stomach.

Salt Lake City Police say Dillon didn't comply with the Cruz's commands, after they responded to a call for a male brandishing a weapon.

According to Salt Lake Police, Dillon fit the description.

Which is interesting because that's exactly what police say about every black male.

But Dillon didn't hear any police commands.

You see, Dillon was wearing headphones.

"We're walking out of the 7-11 with a drink, when cops show up and start harassing us with guns," Dillon's older brother, Jerall Taylor told the Salt Lake Tribube newspaper.

"He (Dillon) couldn't hear them, so he just kept walking. They had guns pointed at his face. That's when he turned off the music. I saw them point guns at my brother's face, amd I knew what was going to happen."

Dillon Taylor never had a chance.

Another victim of a trigger-happy overzealous cop.

But Dillon's story didn't receive anywheres near the coverage that Michael Brown's death received.

Brown, a black youth, was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri Police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, just 2 days before Dillon Taylor was gunned down.

Yet, despite many similarities, both incidents received completely opposite media coverage.

And completely opposite outrage from community members.

Now as a minority myself, who has spent the past 20-plus years exposing police misconduct and corruption, including countless shooting deaths of innocent, unarmed blacks and Latinos, I'll be the first one to tell you that the overwhelming percentage of victims of police abuse, and who are killed by trigger-happy cops, are minorities.

Blacks and Latinos.

And, the overwhelming majority of those cops are white.

But that's changing.

Police brutality and police shootings of unarmed, innocent citizens, including in some cases the mentally ill, is fastly becoming an epidemic affecting not just minorities, but whites as well.

When Ice Cube rapped "Black police showing out for the white cop," in N.W.A.'s classic "Fuck Tha Police" he was not only on point, but also ahead of his time.

It's not just white officers who are abusing and killing innocent people.

More and more minority officers, especially black and Latino cops, many of whom look down upon their own cultures, in what I can only describe as sick, twisted classism, and who want to prove to their white superiors that they can, and will abuse and even kill citizens of their own skin color, are doing just that. 

So while protests and rallies were being held in Ferguson, as looters and thugs who could care less about Michael Brown's killing, smashed store windows and wiped shelves clean of merchandise, while setting fires to local mom and pop stores, burning them to the ground, the majority of people throughout the country, didn't even know who Dillon Taylor was.

And still don't.

Mainly because the sensationalistic mainstream news media was focused on news ratings.

And nothing says ratings more than a black youth being shot and killed by a white cop.

Nothing says ratings more than looting, and buildings burning to the ground.

And no mainstream news media outlet knows that better than CNN, who exploited and sensationalized    Ferguson, Missouri, like they've exploited and sensationalized every other death of a black man at the hands of police, sending more correspondents to Ferguson than they've sent to the Middle East.

And while the country was focused on Ferguson, the police execution of an unarmed young man named Dillon Taylor was ignored.

I also noticed something else which as a Latino, who has children who are African-American and Latino, I found disturbing.

While many whites denounced the shooting death of Michael Brown, and marched alongside black protesters in Ferguson, I didn't see any blacks denouncing Dillon Taylor's shooting death by a minority police officer.

I didn't see any black preachers, pastors, or reverends in Salt Lake City, Utah denouncing the shooting death of a white young man.

I didn't see or hear Al Sharpton speak out against Dillon Taylor's execution.

I didn't see or hear President Obama denounce Dillon's murder either.

And I didn't see any hashtags being created and posted all over social media for Dillon Taylor.

Which is why I ask.


Click link below to watch video of Dillon Taylor shooting.


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pinellas County, Florida official Harasses Black Man BBQ'ing in His Own Yard; "I Can Smell it Again Right Now... I Saw Smoke... Leaving Your Property."

By Davy V.

Before barbecuing in Pinellas County, Florida, you may want to make a list:

1. Grill (preferably charcoal.)

2. Lighter fluid

3. Tongs and Spatula

4. Meats (Ribs, Chicken, Hamburgers, Hots.)

5. Beer

6. A detailed meteorological weather forecast report including wind direction analysis complete with a BBQ cooking smoke escape plan.

No I'm serious.

If you're BBQ'ing in Pinellas County, Florida, you really will need #6.

Just ask Scotty Jordan.

He's the Pinellas County man whose video showing an "environmental specialist" harassing him over BBQ'ing in his own yard, has racked up more than 2 Million views on YouTube.

Ok, here's what's cooking.

Scotty Jordan was throwing down on his grill when Pinellas County Florida official Joe Graham walks on his property, with a walkie talkie hanging off his jean's pocket, and what appears to be some sort of notebook in his hand.

The video begins with Graham reading off what appears to be some sort of county code.

On BBQ'ing.

Something about smoke and odors emitted from neighborhood residents' barbecue grills, crossing over property lines.


This is in Pinellas County, Florida.

In the Good Ol' U.S. of A.

"I can smell it again right now," the Pinellas County official is seen in the video telling Jordan.

"I saw smoke... leaving your property... You're allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn't count, but when I'm on the street, that's when it counts."

Jordan and another the camera man's reaction to the gestapoish Pinellas County official is priceless.

"So we're supposed to control the smoke and the wind and where it's blowing?"


Apparently so, of you live in Pinellas County, Florida.

Or if YOU ARE BLACK and live in Pinellas County, Florida.

And then, as if it couldn't get any worse, the BBQ Cop tells the men that they should align their BBQ in accordance with wind patterns.

Check out the video for yourself.

The only tip I have for the cameraman is next time, DO NOT record while holding your phone vertically.

That's one of my biggest pet peeves.

By recording holding your hone vertically, you're cheating yourself, and the viewers out of two thirds of the picture.

ALWAYS record holding your cell phone in a horizontal position.


Click link below to watch video

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Was Sandra Bland Already Dead in Mugshot?

Sandra Bland appears to be already dead in her mugshot.

By Davy V.

Sandra Bland's death has been ruled a suicide.

But I'm not so sure I'm buying it.

Bland, the 28-year old Naperville, Illinois woman who traveled to Texas to interview for a job at Texas A&M University, where she graduated from in 2008, was pulled over by rookie Texas trooper Brian Encinia on July 10th, for failing to signal while changing lanes.

The traffic stop, which was captured on police dash cam video, shows the irate rookie cop who loses it and begins yelling at Bland.

"Step out or I will remove you!," Encinia yells at Bland.

"Get out of the car now!"

"I'm going to yank you out of here!, I'm going to drag you out of here!"

When Bland questions Encinia why she is being ordered out of her car for failing to signal, which is a minor traffic violation, the cop threatens to taser her.

"I will light you up!," Encinia yells at Bland.

Sandra Bland is then assaulted by police on the side of the road, arrested, and charged with assaulting a public servant.

Police say Sandra Bland kicked the officer.

Bland was taken to Walter County Jsil, in Hempstead, Texas, about 60 miles from Houston, where police and jail officials say she was found hanging from a garbage bag in her jail cell on July 13th.


First let me say something.

Usually I'm not someone who will quickly buy into conspiracy theories.

With that said, when I first saw Sandra Bland's mugshot, well, something just looked off to me.

At first I didn't know what exactly.

But then, the more I looked at the photo, the more off it looked.

Then, I noticed several things.

For one, her eyes.

Sandra Bland has a blank stare.

Like she's looking past everything.

Like she's not even there anymore.

Like her soul is gone.

Also, if you look at the photo, her right eye, looks bloodshot.

Then the shadows.

Sandra Bland doesn't look like she's standing, with a wall behind her, the way people stand against a wall when their mugshot is taken at the time they're booked.


Sandra Bland looks like she's laying down.

Something about the shadows, makes it appear like Sandra Bland's head, and dreadlocks, are not up against the background, like they would be if she were standing, but instead they appear to be laying on the background.

Perhaps the floor?

Then there's something aboutSandra Bland's shoulders.

Especially her right shoulder.

It doesn't slant, or drop down the way most people's shoulders would when they're standing upright.

Instead Sandra Bland's shoulders seem to just jut out straight, at an angle that just looks odd.

Stiff almost.

Again, as if she's laying down.

Not standing.

Now, some will ask, well, if Sandra Bland is in fact dead, why are there no marks, bruises, etc., on her neck, consistent with someone who supposedly hung herself?

Well, who's to say Sandra Bland wasn't murdered by police, before her mugshot was taken, then they staged her body on the floor to make it look as if she was alive, in order to take the booking photo?

Who's to say police and jail officials didn't stage her hanging afterwards?

I mean if it's true that Sandra Bland filled out the form at the hail where she allegedly admitted having previously attempted to commit suicide, well then if in fact she was murdered by police and/or jail officials, then given her prior suicide attempt, that would make it pretty convenient for them to try to make it look like Sandra Bland hung herself, right?

It's interesting because if you look closely at the photo, you can see some discoloration marks around Sandra Bland's neck.

They appear to be pinkish or reddish spots.

Again, that's just how Sandra Bland's mugshot appears to me.

It just looks like Sandra Bland is already dead when they took her mugshot.

Cop threatens to taser Sandra Bland; "I will light you up!"

Sandra Bland's jail cell inside Walter County Jail.

Click link below to watch police dash cam video of Sandra Bland traffic stop.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rochester, NY Police Officers Continue to Put Innocent Lives at Risk with Reckless Driving

Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-78 after it flipped over on Delamo Street.

By Davy V.

On April 25, 2013, a Rochester, NY Police officer, driving reckless, at a high rate of speed in the residential neighborhood of Hudson Avenue and Durnan Street, crashed into a family's vehicle.

Inside the car, an infant.

"The officer did not have the lights or siren on but he turned them on right after the crash", said a man who only identified himself as the owner of Ricky's World, a clothing store located in a small plaza where RPD cruiser, E-34, came to rest after smashing into the family's car.

"They're scared, they're feared, they're nervous of what the police can do because they've been doing a lot of stuff to a lot of people in the neighborhood and no one wants to speak up", a woman told me.

Just a few minutes after I spoke with the woman, an unmarked Chevy Impala pulled up in front of Durnan Market, on Hudson Avenue, and a Rochester, NY Police internal affairs official entered the store, demanding the store's video surveillance tape.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser E-43 after crashing into car carrying infant.

Unmarked Rochester, NY Police car outside Durnan Market
after RPD cruiser crashes into family's car carrying infant.

Two months later, in June of 2013, neighbors on Westfield Street, in Rochester's 19th Ward neighborhood were awakened around 5 a.m. by what they described as a "huge bang."

One neighbor, a woman who took the photos below, said that when she went outside she saw a Rochester Police officer bleeding from the back of his head.

It appeared that the officer had fallen asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a legally parked car.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into parked car on Westfield Street.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-21 after officer crashes into parked car on Westfield Street.

Legally parked vehicle after Rochester, NY Police car crashes into it.

And just three months later, on September 23, 2013, a Rochester, NY Police officer driving the wrong way on Campbell Street, a one-way street on Rochester's west side, crashed into a vehicle with three passengers inside, sending all three to the hospital with injuries.

"That police car must have been doing seventy miles an hour going the wrong way up Campbell," a witness standing on the corner of Campbell and Grape Steets, who didn't want to identify himself out of fear of retaliation by the RPD told me.

"They don't care, they will somehow cover it all up and blame the driver who was doing nothing wrong."

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into vehicle after going wrong way on one-way street.
Photo by Davy V.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-71 after crashing into vehicle.
Photo by Davy V.

On June 1, 2014, a Rochester, NY Police officer driving cruiser W-78 was driving recklessly at a high rate of speed down Delano Street, near Colvin Street, on Rochester's west side, in my old neighborhood, a neighborhood where children are always playing outside, when he lost control of his cruiser, and ended up flipping it on its side, as you can see in the photo below, just a few feet away from a home.

Neighbors say that a Rochester, NY Police cruiser was chasing another vehicle when a second RPD cruiser swerved in order to avoid hitting the first cruiser.

That's when the officer lost control of his cruiser, and flipped it.

"All we saw was the police car come flying around the corner and then it flipped," said a neighbor, who out of fear of retaliation by Rochester Police, asked me not to publish their name.

"My family was having a barbecue outside, the officer could have hit the house, is it really worth it?"

"It's not safe at all, they shouldn't be driving like that down our streets."

Imagine if an innocent child just happened to be riding his or her bike when the Rochester Police cruiser comes racing around the corner, flying at high speeds, flips and kills an innocent child. 

Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-78 after it flipped over on Delamo Street.

Reminds me of a young man named Trayvonne Pritchett.

The 14-year old was struck and killed by rookie, probationary Rochester, NY Poloce officer Scott Calkins, while riding his bike on North Clinton Ave. in October of 2010.

Rochester Police officer Scott Calkins was also driving recklessly, traveling at unsafe speeds, responding to call.

Officer Scott Calkins, who was very inexperienced, was being supervised by RPD Field Training Officer Josh Lewis, who was in the passenger seat.

It seems like every time we turn around, a Rochester Police officer is crashing.

Many times the officer is driving recklessly, at high speeds,with no regard for innocent motorists or children at play.

And many times, the Rochester Police Department tries their darnest to keep these crashes by Rochester Police officers, on the low.

In fact when it comes to the Rochester Police cruiser that flipped last year, I was the only one who covered of right here on my blog, after a neighbor sent me the photo.

None of Rochester's mainstream news media reported on it.

Not surprising really.

You see, I've always written about the relationship that mainstream news mechanic has with law enforcement agencies.

Simply put, mainstream news media relies on law enforcement agencies for tips, leads, and to be kept "in the loop" when it comes to major news stories.

And it's a relationship which mainstream news media will protect at any cost.

I call it the "don't bite the hand that feeds you" approach which mainstream news media takes when it comes to law enforcement.

And most recently, just this past Wednesday, a Rochester, NY Police officer crashed his cruiser into a vehicle, and then the officer smashed his cruiser into the side of a grocery store at the corner of Ames and Jay Streets on Rochester's west side.

The crash sent three people, including the RPD officer to the hospital.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes hos cruiser into a store after hitting vehicle.

Besides putting innocent lives at risk, Rochester Police officers are also costing taxpayers thousands every time an officer wrecks their police cruiser as a result of reckless driving.

In other words, if you live in the City of Rochester, YOU are paying for each and every wrecked Rochester Police cruiser.

Take a look at some photos of some Rochester Police cruisers involved in crashes.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into tree.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into car and house.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into car.

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