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Rochester, NY Police Officer Almost Gets Run Over, During High Speed Chase That Put Innocent Lives at Risk (UPDATED)

Rochester, NY Police officer is nearly run over by RPD cruiser

By Davy V.

Many in Rochester, NY are questioning a high speed chase involving the Rochester, NY Police Department, as well as several other police agencies, including New York State Police, that put countless innocent lives at risk Sunday afternoon, including young children.

At one point during the chase, a Rochester, NY Police officer, who tripped and fell while putting down road spikes, was nearly run over by several police cruisers involved in the chase.

And it was all caught on video.

According to Rochester Police, officers spotted a white male  driving a vehicle which was reported stolen.

When they attempted to pull the vehicle over, the white male accelerated, fleeing officers and leading them on a high speed chase through residential streets and neighborhoods.

Normally a police supervisor will terminate a high speed chase, when it is clear that the suspect has no intentions of stopping, especially when the chase involves high speeds, through residential neighborhoods, thus putting lives at risk.

But that wasn't the case here.

At no time was the chase called off.

And that angers Olga Gomez of Rochester who witnessed the high speed chase.

"I couldn't believe how reckless they were being," Gomez said, describing the officers.

"I mean, yes, I understand they want to catch the guy, but is it worth endangering innocent lives?"

"I mean there were children riding their bikes, and playing and a lot  of people out, I just dot understand it, I don't. Can you imagine if one of those police cars hits and kills an innocent child, then what?"

Below, I've included two links to videos recorded by citizens who witnessed Sunday's high speed chase.

In the first video, a Rochester Police offcer attempting to throw down road spikes, falls and is almost run over by several police cruisers racing at high speeds.

The second video which was sent to me anonymously, shows a motorist driving behind the chase, while a passenger is filming.

Ironically, although many may criticize the driver, as you can see in the video, unlike the reckless cops who had absolutely no regard for the safety of citizens, ncluding young children, he is driving safe, compared to the police officers.

The driver even uses his turn signals, as you can hear in the video.

The driver of the car was eventually taken into custody in Rochester's Neighborhood Of The Arts.

It's interesting to note how police officers approach situations such as a high speed chase when it's a male white, as compared to when it's a black or Latino motorist.

Had the suspect been white, chances are he would have been executed.


You can add fail to a long list of embarrassing incidents involving the Rochester, NY Police Department.

The video of the Rochester, NY cop who almost got run over by police cruisers, while trying to throw road spikes down to stop a suspect, has made it on the popular urban website World Star Hip Hop, or WSHH.

Titled "Had One Job: Cop Fails on Spike Throw!", at last check the video had over 370,000 views.






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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Charlie Tan Got Away with Murder, Well at Least for Now

                THAT SMIRK Charlie Tan's Mugshot
                                    Photo: Twitter

By Davy V.

There's one more killer loose in the Rochester, NY area today.

His name is Charlie Tan.

And he got away with murder.

Well, at least for now.

But judging by that smirk that he had on his face from day one, Charlie Tan always knew he'd get away with it.

Thursday morning, a mistrial was declared after a Monroe County, NY jury deliberated for 7 days.

But while many, including myself thought that the jury of 10 women and 2 men were clearly looking for a reason, any reason not to convict Tan, ignoring clear evidence that Charlie Tan is a killer, it turns out it they didn't stop deliberations.

The judge did.

Judge Piampiano ended deliberations and thus, the trial.

And according to jurors who spoke after the mistral, they were disappointed that Judge Piampiano ended the trial, and as a result, let a killer go free.

According to one juror, the count began with 8 to acquit, and ended with 9 to convict.

Jurors also said they were ready to continue deliberating when Piampiano ended the trial.

The Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office says it will retry Charlie Tan.

Sometime between February 5, and February 8, 2015, Charlie Tan, 19, a Cornell Unversity student, grabbed a shotgun which his best friend, Whitney Knckerbocker purchased for him at a WalMart, and as his father Jim Tan, 49, CEO of Dynamax Imaging, sat at his desk in an upstairs office of their 37 Coach Side Lane, Pittsford, NY home, Charlie Tan shot his dad several times in his face, head, and arm.

The Shotgun Charlie Tan used To Execute his Father, Jim Tan. 
Photo: Twitter

The Tan Home, 37 Coach Side Lane, Pittsford, NY
Photo: Twitter

Experts testified in the trial that Jim Tan could have been killed as early as February 5th, that's four days before Charlie Tan's mother, Jean Tan called 911 on February 9th, in what many believe was a well planned and rehearsed phone call, frantically telling the 911 operator that her husband was dead.

Jean Tan
Photo: Twitter

This case has all the ingredients of one of those made for tv murder movies.

Chinese immigrants come to the U.S. and achieve the American dream.

Well, Jim Tan achieved the American dream.

You see, by all accounts, and in court testimony, one thing became quite clear.

Jean Tan was all about the money.

She inherited the house, and Jim Tan's $2.1 million Dynamax Graphics business.

And according to Rochester, NY Demcrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter John Hand reported that in the dais prior to Jm Tan being executed in his upstairs office, Jean Tan withdrew large amounts of money from bank accounts.

Charlie Tan and his mother planned the whole thing out.


Well, there was that time when Charlie Tan went to a friend's house and asked him how much money he had.

Charlie Tan also told the friend that he was leaving the country.


The friend, concerned about Charlie Tan, called police.

A short time later a Monroe County, NY Sherff's deputy stood at the front door of Tan's home, making sure Charlie boy was ok.

It's believed that as the deputy talked with Charlie boy, his father's corpse was already rotting away in the office, as the family dog chewed away at Jim Tan's "obliterated" face and head.

That's how Monroe County, NY Assistant District Attorney William Gargan described what Charlie Tan did to his dad's face and head.

He "Obliterated" it.

Then there was the research of prominent defense attorneys that Charlie Tan and his mom did in the days leading up to, and after, Jim Tan's execution.

In fact, police found several Rochester area attorney's names written on paper in Jean Tan's pockets.

How's that for a made TV movie?

But wait it gets even more disturbing.

The defense strategy that Charlie Tan's defense team lead by attorney James Nobles came up with was classic.

Blame the mother.

And that's exactly what they did.

Because nothing creates reasonable doubt more than to plant in jurors' heads that Jean Tan was the real killer and that there's no way they could allow Charlie to take the fall for his mom.

But Charlie Tan's mom isn't talking.

She never did.

She never has.

And more than likely she never will.

And neither is Charlie Tan.

In fact, from the beginning, Jim Tan's murder has puzzled authorities.

Many in Rochester's law enforcement community have described the execution style murder as having an eerie cloak of secrecy, with Charlie Tan and his mother Jean Tan not saying a word about how Jim Tan got his face and head blown off, and then was left to rot in his office, with his decomposing body becoming takeout food for the family pooch.

The defense team also used alleged domestic violence in order to influence the jury, and gain their sympathy.

They painted Jim Tan as an abusive husband.

Even though Jean Tan never pressed charges and refused to file for an order of protection.

Don't get me wrong.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue.

But if there was domestic violence, and if Jean Tan was truly a victim of domestic abuse, that doesn't mean your Ivy League son can grab a shotgun and blast your husband's head off while he's sitting at his desk.

Charlie Tan doesn't have the right to play judge, jury, and executioner.

Yet that's exactly what he did.

And he got away with it.

At least for now.

But this was more.

This was much more.

There's a lot more we will never know.

Charlie Tan getting away with executing his father was guaranteed from the start of this case.

From his arrest.

You see, Rochester, NY's mainstream news media portrayed Charlie Tan as a hero.

They plastered television and print news reports featuring white, affluent suburbanites, including  plenty of soccer moms, praising Charlie Tan as the great All-American student.

A polite, likable, all around great guy.

And in doing so, Rochester's news media did what they always do.

They tainted the court of public opinion.

And they tainted potential jurors.

Potential jurors who were chosen to be on that jury.

The same jurors who let a killer go free.

Because they were confused.

Can you blame them?

Rochester's mainstream news media made Charlie Tan a hero.

And stupid gullible rich Pittsford suburbanites, including soccer moms with their big gas-guzzler SUV's bought into the bullshit that Rochester's mainstream news media fed them.

Every last little bit.

Combine that with Charlie Tan's fraternity buddies who filled the courtroom every day, and along with Charlie Tan's girlfriend, who had a look of an abused woman herself, and that's all it took to get a hug jury.

Had Charlie Tan been Raekwon or Julio form da hood, his ass would be locked up, getting ready to be shipped to a max where he'd start a 25 to life bid for executing his defenseless father.

But he's not Raekwon or Julio.

He's Asian.

From Pittsford, NY.

A rich and affluent town.

And unlike Raekwon or Julio from da hood, Charlie Tan has rich, affluent friends.

Friends whose fathers are lawyers, and judges.

And politicians.

Like New York State Assemblyman Bill Nojay, whose son is good friends with Charlie Tan.

Bill Nojay went on every news channel in Rochester immediately after Tan was arrested, talking about what a great kid Charlie Tan is.

And of course, Rochester's mainstream news media plastered it everywhere.

More tainting.

Oh yeah, remember that shotgun that Charlie Tan used to blow his dad's head off?

You know, the one that Charlie Tan's friend, Whitney Knickerbocker purchased for him?

Well that's a straw purchase.

But interestingly enough, Whitney Knickerbocker has not been charged with any crime.

That's because Whitney Knickerbcker is, well, a Knickerbocker.

As in Knickerbocker farms, one of the oldest farms in New York State.

Founded by George Knickerbocker in 1839, and now run by Dave and Larry Knickerbocker, the farm was instrumental in the building of the Erie Canal.

Larry Knickerbocker is Whitney Knickerbocker's father. 

The Knickerbockers are a very powerful influential family.

Which is explains why Whitney Knickerbocker wasn't charged for making a straw purchase of a shotgun which was used to execute a father.

Charlie Tan even told a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy that he "did it" to protect his mother.

Not to mention the email that Charlie sent to his friends and fraternity brothers, which reads like, well, like someone who just executed his father and realizes he may be going away for a very long time.

In the email Charlie Tan writes: "In the coming days you'll start to hear things in the news and possibly visits from the authorities. Don't listen to anything you hear. A few already know my true story and in time you will also. I love you all so much and you have given me the family I never had. I can only hope I have left a positive impression on all of your lives as well..."

Charlie Tan ends the email with: "The best days are ahead of all of us and I promise I will be back in the future. In the meantime I hope you will visit. Love, Charlie"

There's one more killer lose in the Rochester, NY area today.

His name is Charlie Tan.

And he got away with murder.

At least for now.

Charlie Tan, All Smiles.l
Photo: Twitter

Charlie Tan Smilng and Hamming it Up For News Cameras
Photo: Twitter

A Well Coached Charlie Tan sits at Defense Table.
Photo: Twitter

Charlie Tan and Girlfriemd leave Courtroom
Photos: Twitter

Charlie Tan, with girlfriend behind him, talks to a woman after mistrial.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hollywood Screenwriter, Actor, and Producer Jon Molerio Talks with The Davy V. Blog About his Latest Project, "Ladrones"

By Davy V.

Jon Molerio

By Davy V.

Some guys drink beers and watch football.

Others hit the strip club.


I watch movies.

I'm a huge movie fan.

It's how I unwind and relax.

It's how I get away from the toxicity that accompanies my work as a police accountability activist, writer and blogger.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite actors, Oscar Torre who is Cuban-American like me.

Torre has starred in television shows such as CBS's "Cane" where he played "Santos", alongside veteran actor Jimmy Smits, C.S.I. Miami, and in films such as Counterpunch and Hangover 3.

Oscar Torre also stars in "Ladrones", which is Spanish for "Thieves", and is the sequel to 2007's "Ladron Que Roba a Ladron", or "To Rob a Thief", the Joe Menendez, (also Cuban) directed comedy where two thieves reunite and hash a plan to rob a rich television mogul and con-man who has defrauded unsuspecting, trusting viewers with his miracle products such as fat burning creams and hair growth lotions.

Oscar Torre

"Ladron Que Roba a Ladron" quickly became one of my favorite movies.

For several reasons.

As a Latino, I was happy to see a film which was largely in Spanish.

But more importantly, as a Latino, and a huge film buff, I know that historically, Hollywood has done its best to keep Latinos out.

And many times those it did let in had to settle for the stereotypical and well played-out criada (maid) gardener, and gang member roles.

But that's changing, thanks in part to actors like Oscar Torre, Directors like Joe Menendez, and talented Latino writers.

Enter Jon Molerio.

Molerio, who also starred in "Ladrones Que Roban a Ladrones", not only returns to star in the long awaited sequel, "Ladrones", which opens in theaters this Frday October 9th, but he also wrote the script.

I caught up with Jon Molerio, who was in New York City promoting 'Ladrones", and who was nice enough to take time out his busy schedule to do a short interview fur The Davy V. Blog.


And please check out "Ladrones", in theaters Friday!

Jon, thank you for making time during your promo tour for "Ladrones", to come on The Davy V. Blog, please tell the readers a little about yourself.

I am a Cuban born, Miami raised writer, actor and producer. I grew up watching 80's comedies with action, adventure and romance like "Splash", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Romancing the Stone", "Fletch", "Back to the Future", and I loved everything about them. At the age of ten I began acting in plays. Later, I graduated from the prestigious New World School of the Arts High School. It was like "Fame" but without Leroy. That joke is very dated. I received my BFA from acting at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas which at that time was rated the top acting school after Julliard. At 22, I moved to L.A. and jumped in head first! I began doing stand up, later sketch comedy, and eventually became a screen writer. Now I get to write the 80's style comedies that I loved as a kid. 

Ok, tell us about "Ladrones."

"Ladrones" is a throwback to those light 80's movies that I mentioned. It doesn't take itself too seriously. It's not trying to change the world. It's just a fun ride for the whole family. A true popcorn film. It's a comedy, action, and adventure film with heart. It's about a Texas family named Ramirez whose land is stolen by a rich villain that controls their entire town, including the police force. So the Ramirez family is forced to contract our heroes for hire played by actors Fernando Colunga, and Eduardo YaƱez. They are modern day Robin Hoods. Thieves who rob other thieves. 

Jon, I understand you not only wrote the script for "Ladrones", but you act in it as well?

Yes. I wrote "Ladrones" and I act in it as one of the secondary roles. My character in the film is the worst security guard in the world. He's basically a patsy. I was there on the set everyday and I felt blessed to see my words come to life with a brilliant director at the helm named Joe Menendez, and a wonderful crew and cast.

And what was it like working with the cast?

It was a blast working with the cast. A real lineup of pros who took my script 100% seriously and brought my words to life. It was a dream come true.

What would you like people to take away after seeing "Ladrones"?

I hope people will agree that it's a movie that kept them laughing and entertained.

Any plans for a sequel to the sequel?

If folks show up and make this movie a success then a Part 3 will definitely be green lighted! The director and I are already coming up with some ideas. 

Jon, for years Hollywood has kept Latinos out. Rita Hayworth, Martin Sheen, and others had difficulty breaking in... What are your thoughts about Latinos making their mark in Hollywood?

As far as Latinos in Hollywood, film makers like myself, Joe Menendez, and Robert Rodriguez just to name a few, are creating projects that are fun, exciting, and just happen to have Latinos in them. And they're not waiters, gardeners, or gang members. I think that's when we'll really reach the place I want to be in: when we don't even think about it as a Latino film or a Latino actor, but simply a great actor and a great film that happens to be Latino. I don't think of DeNiro as Italian, just that he's one of the best actors around. Hopefully, we will achieve the same level after films like "Ladrones". 

"Ladrones" Director Joe Menendez

Jon, as you know I was born in upstate NY but spent the first 10 years of my life in Miami, I consider Miami home more than I do Rochester, New York. Do you get to Miami often?

I do. I love Miami, except for the humidity and the bugs. But my family lives there and I go back at least twice a year. 

Speaking of Miami, many movies have been filmed there, but ask anyone and they'll tell you that Hollywood is where it's. How would you describe the main differences between Hollywood and Miami when it comes to the film industry?

Hollywood is the center of the film world for two reasons: First, the weather. It never rains. It's always clear skies and pretty pleasant. Shooting in places like Miami where it can literally rain everyday can be time consuming and expensive. Second, I suspect that's why Hollywood was the ideal place back in the early 1900's when it was founded. It's now where everyone's at. I don't see that changing any time soon. Clearly, NYC and other cities do a lot of TV and Film work, but Hollywood will still be the Mecca. 

Jon, can you give aspiring actors any advice?

My advice is: Don't do this UNLESS you can't see yourself doing anything else. It's not an easy profession and it's often unfair. But if you work hard and I mean: ALWAYS WORK HARD, don't get lazy and eventually opportunities will open up for you. Also, don't be afraid to explore other avenues in this business, like writing. I began as actor and nothing more. But when I discovered writing and that I could actually do it, a whole new world opened up. Get a night job, too. You need to have your days open for auditions. And most importantly: DON'T BECOME NEGATIVE. Life is too short. There are too many bitter people in this business, even if they make it, they're pissed off. Be optimistic and relentless. I try to do anything that my talent and my opportunities allow. That is the secret to being a working actor/writer/producer in this town. Always stay by doing good work. You meet a lot of people and making contacts is a crucial part of any business. But above all, I try to maintain a stable personal lie with my family and friends. The business isn't everything. And people who think it is, usually drink too much and end up burning out. I am blessed to be working in a field that I love but I'm also pragmatic. You've got to stay humble and neck, it goes a long way in this line of work. But again, only jump in if you have an overwhelming passion for this business. Otherwise, become a dentist. They make a nice living. 

Any closing words?

I just hope that the maid is well received. What would make me the happiest is for someone to say: "This movie reminded me of 'Back to the Future' or another 80's style movie. Our budget was small for Hollywood standards but I think we still delivered a be film. I hope the people will agree. "Ladrones" is 70% Spanish, 30% English, and 100% fun!

Thank you Jon. I wish you much success with "Ladrones", and with your career!

Thanks again for the support. Now off to an audition and a very busy day. Take care, my friend.

"Ladrones", in theaters Friday October 9th



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Thursday, October 1, 2015

National "BLUE LIVES MATTER" Billboard Campaign Hits Rochester, NY

BLUE LIVES MATTER Billboard in Rochester, NY
Photo: Davy V.

By Davy V.

Billboards are meant to catch people's attention, and that's exactly what a digital billboard which reads "BLUE LIVES MATTER #thankublu", near Rochester, NY airport is doing.

Wednesday evening, a reader who follows this blog, reached out to me via Twitter asking me if I knew who was behind the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" ad.

The billboard has many in Rochester, NY, a city with a long history of police misconduct and corruption, as well as racial tension, dating back to the July '64 riots are asking the same question.

Who is behind the ads?

And perhaps more importantly, what exactly is the message they're trying to convey?

I mean of course police officers' lives matter.

So do roofers' lives.

And truckers' lives.

Which by the way are two of the most dangerous occupations.

But you'll never see a "ROOFERS LIVES MATTER", or a "TRUCK DRIVER LIVES MATTER" billboard.

No, obviously the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" billboards are a direct response to "BLACK LIVES MATTER."

So I called LAMAR advertising, who owns the digital billboard where the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" ad is being displayed next to Interstate 390 in Rochester.

LAMAR is one of the country's biggest advertising media companies, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

After leaving a message with a receptionist at LAMAR, Mr. Tim Newton, with Rochester's LAMAR office returned my call.

Newton explained to me that LAMAR advertising's national office are the ones running the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" ads throughout the country.

I asked Mr. Newton what he thought the message behind the ad was.

"Well, it's open for interpretation", Newton told me.

He then explained to me that Tactical Magic, a branding company out of Memphis, Tennessee, designed the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" billboards, and that if I had any further questions, I could contact them.

Trace Hallowell, Managing Partner, Tactical Magic

Enter Mr. Trace Hallowell, Managing Partner with Tactical Magic Brand Identity Specialists.

After several calls and playing phone tag for a bit,  I was finally able to speak with Mr. Hallowell, who I will say was very professional and was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions, first on the phone, then via a short email Q&A interview.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions Mr. Hallowell. 
What is Tactical Magic?

Tactical Magic is a small creative firm in Memphis, Tennessee. We do work for a variety of non-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Mr. Hallowell, the feeling here in Rochester, especially in the Black community is that the "BLUE LVES MATTER" billboards, are in essence, offensive to African-Americans, many of whom have family members who have been killed by police. 
What are your thoughts on this?

I am dismayed to hear that anyone would feel that way. Certainly no offense was intended. The heart of the message is that no human should be hated or targeted for violence simply because of the color of clothing that they wear. I would hope this message is simply seen as being in harmony with that philosophy. A uniform should neither excuse a murderer nor condemn the innocent.

Ok, but Blacks and Latinos for example, are often racially profiled by law enforcement officers, who do exactly that, prejudge, and target them, and many times kill unarmed, innocent people. 

Are you saying all law enforcement officers are guilty of racial profiling and murder? Surely not. Just like not all Latinos and African-Americans are members of violent gangs. Let's apply the same standard to other people that we want applied to ourselves. Let's hold the guilty individuals accountable, but not condemn a whole group of people for what a few have done.

Ultimately who is paying for the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" ads?

The billboard is actually the third in a series of billboards posted in Memphis. The first was "MEMPHIS HONORS THE BLUES." and the second was "MEMPHIS HEROES WEAR BLU." The billboard space was donated by an anonymous, public-minded citizen. We provided development as a public service. Lamar Advertising Company then volunteered to post the third headline, "BLUE LIVES MATTER", in markets all across the U.S.

And how would you describe the message that you're trying to convey with the "BLUE LIVES MATTER" billboards?

Just that as human beings should not be targeted for violence because of their ethnicity, they also shouldn't be targeted for violence because of their profession. I understand that some people see only enemies when they see police uniforms. My experience is different. Perhaps the dialogue spurred by a billboard will help some see beyond the badge to the human being. Not surprisingly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus of Nazareth had many teachings in common--perhaps the most provocative is "Love your enemy." In other words, all lives really do matter.

What's next for the "BLUE LVES MATTER" campaign?

I am not sure. I think the next step may be to say something in response to the feedback we have received from all over the country.

And to the police officers who do target minorities. Do you have a message for them? Certainly you don't condone that do you?

Never. That question is very personal to me. (Note: Trace Hallowell has a son who is African-American) I would tell them what I would tell anyone. When you see someone of a different ethnicity, or a different wardrobe, or a different orientation, or a different culture, or a different political view--see them first as a person whose life matters.

Very well said Mr. Hallowell.

Very well said.

I hope law enforcement officers will start seeing folks of deferent ethnicities and backgrounds, as just that.

A person.

A person whose life matters.

Like Eric Garner's life mattered.

Just as Walter Scott's life mattered.

I truly hope so.

Maybe I'm just a dreamer.

But in the words of the great legend John Lennon.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

BLUE LIVES MATTER Billboard off I-390 in Rochester, NY


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