Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not Even School Buses Obey Stop Signs in Brighton, NY Neighborhood

First Student School bus # 090908
runs stop sign.
By Davy V.

It started with a tip several months ago, from an Ashley Drive resident in Brighton, NY who alerted me to an ongoing safety issue.

Motorists disregarding stop signs at the intersection of Ahley and Fairfield Drives, by failing to come to a complete stop, and in some cases actually flat out running right through them.

After contacting the Brighton, NY Police department located less than a quarter mile from the problem intersection, and informing them about the situation, I got the sense that my complaint was pretty much falling on deaf ears, or at the very least definitely not on the short list of the department's traffic details (yet they certainly have no problem pulling over drivers for speeding and talking on cell phones), so I decided I'd head out to the neighborhood, and document the violations, by conducting my own video surveillance.

Sure enough, within seconds of me parking my vehicle,  several motorists approached the intersection of Ashley and Fairfield Drives, slowed down a bit, then went through the stop signs.

It's what's commonly referred to as a 'rolling stop."

When it comes to a rolling stop, there's no 'degree', if you will, of how much 'rolling' a motorist does when approaching a stop sign, or a traffic light.

Anything short of failing to come to a complete stop, is considered the same as running a stop sign.

And, in New York State, running stop sign will result in a fine of up to $100 and 3 points on your driver's license, which when you consider that your license will be suspended if you you get 11 points within an 18-month period, is something not to be taken lightly.

And to give you an idea of the level of disregard that motorists have for the stop signs at the intersection of Ashley and Fairfield Drives, check out the third video below.

GMC Yukon with NYS plate # "MINIDOOP"
ran not one, but two stop signs
at intersection of Ashley and Fairfield Drives.
You'll notice a white GMC Yukon SUV with New York plate "MINIDOOP" run the stop sign on the top left of the video.

A few minutes later, the same SUV runs a second stop sign.

One vehicle in particular that I observed, and video recorded Wednesday morning running stop sings, was especially disturbing.

First Transit School bus # 090908.

As you can see in the first two videos below, First Student school bus # 090908 runs not one, but two separate stop signs by failing to come to a complete stop.

The first, just seconds after picking up a small child.

The second, less than 5 minutes later, on its way to Hillel School, located on right around the corner, on Fairfield Drive.

We've all heard the nightmare stories of school bus drivers being intoxicated, talking on cellphones, and even leaving sleeping children on their school buses, after completing their routes, only for that child to be discovered hours later when they never make it home.

And now running stop signs?

Just how safe are our children when we put them on a school bus?

I put in a call to First Student School Bus Company, located on Colfax Street, in Rochester, NY, and will be updating this post.


Wednesday morning I spoke with Brighton, NY Police Sgt. Christopher Wagner.

Sgt. Wagner, who I want to point out was very professional and courteous, seemed empathetic to my concerns, and who also seemed disturbed by the school bus running the stop signs, assured me he would see to it that his officers know about the situation.

"I'll have a patrol vehicle out there and monitor it, and observe the intersection, and if infractions are seen, it'll be addressed," Sgt. Wagner said.

I've heard that before Sgt. Wagner.

So, in the words of one of my all time favorite investigative reporters, Al White... We'll be watching.

Click Play to watch video of school bus running stop sign, shortly after picking child up.

Click Play to watch video of school bus running second stop sign.

Click Play to watch vehicles running stop signs.

Click Play to watch vehicles running stop signs.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Former Rochester, NY Police officer Clint Jackson, Who was Convicted of Sexually Abusing Women On Duty, Continues Preying on Females

Former Rochester, NY Police officer
Clint Jackson
By Davy V.

As a Rochester, NY Police officer, Clint Jackson loved to pull women over, and search them.

Instead of calling for a female officer to conduct extensive body searches, Jackson would rub the women's inner things, touch their crotch area and fondle their breasts.

In January of 2002, Rochester Police officer Clint Jackson was arrested and charged with 13 counts of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree, after at least four female victims came forward.

At a press conference, then Rochester, NY Police Chief Robert Duffy, in full damage control mode, would only describe Jackson's actions as "inappropriately touching of females", while on duty.

Tally Ho
Duffy did however say that Jackson's acts were "outrageous", and that he was concerned concerned about other possible victims, urging them to come forward.

Eventually, more women did come forward, and Jackson, who had been terminated by the Rochester Police department, was convicted on a total of 15 counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Clint Jackson was sentenced to two years in prison.

Well, apparently, a failed career as a Rochester Police officer, the embarrassment of being publicly shamed, disappointing his own father, a former Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy, and serving time in prison, hasn't changed Clint Jackson one bit.

According to a professional dancer, Jackson, whose family owns Jackson Guns and Ammo, and who works as a DJ and bouncer at Rick's Tally Ho, on East Henrietta Rd., and as a DJ at The Mirage on West Ridge Rd. has sexually harassed her, as well as other dancers at both clubs.

"He actually has had dozens of serious complaints to management about him sexually harassing the dancers.

The woman told me that Jackson regularly tells women, "Look, if you suck my dick in the parking lot, I won't tell them I found weed in your purse." 

"He treats girls horribly when they're on the job, giving them a hard time after being rejected to give them rides home," the woman said.

"The girls have complained over the past few years that he tries to touch their buttocks in the DJ booth and that he constantly harasses them, asking them questions about their personal life."

The woman says Jackson will tell dancers, many of them, including herself who are in committed relationships, "If you ever need a new man, I'll be happy to step right in."

So what, of anything does the club management or owners have to say about Jackson sexually harassing, and touching women?

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, says that Jackson has been warned that he didn't get the job to harass the women, but that unless they have something on video of him doing something physically, then they can't fire him.

"He (Jackson) seems to be very on the down low when he does speak inappropriate to the women," the woman told me, adding, "I've seen girls in tears after he's threatened to have them fired if they don't do sexual favors for him."

I wonder what else Clint Jackson did to women while he was a Rochester Police officer.

I wonder how many women never came forward out of fear for their lives.

One thing for sure is Clint Jackson hasn't changed.


Within minutes of me posting this story, Kimberly and Beck of the Kimberly & Beck show on Rochester, NY's 98.9 The Buzz, featured it on their show.

Click Play below to listen to me talk about former Rochester Police officer Clint Jackson on the radio.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Former Cop Turned Ex-Con Gary Pignato, Town of Greece, NY Sued

Former Greece, NY Police officer
Gary Pignato
By Davy V.

An ex-con who was once one of the dirtiest cops in Monroe County, NY history, is being sued along with the Town of Greece, NY.

As a Greece, NY Police officer Gary Pignato would stalk women, following them home, making note of where they lived.

Creepy right?


That's not all Gary Pignato did.

Pignato would pull women over, then bribe and coerce them into having sex with him in exchange for him letting him off traffic tickets, and other violations.

In one incident, Greece Police officer Gary Pignato responded to a domestic disturbance call where the boyfriend of a young woman had called police.

The woman had been drinking alcohol.

As soon as Gary Pignato learned that the woman was on probation, he threatened the woman, bribing her, 
telling her that if she did not have sex with him he would arrest her and she would be in violation of her probation, for drinking.

The woman, scared that Pignato would violate her probation, agreed to have sex with him.

That's just one of many disturbing incidents in which Greece Police officer Gary Pignato violated the oath he swore to protect and serve.

But Gary Pignato's corrupt behavior didn't start with the Greece, NY Police departnent.

Pignato was always a sick, perverted cop.

When Pignato was a Rochester, NY Police officer, he got a transvestite prostitute to perform oral sex on a fellow Rochester Police officer.

Pignato was later terminated from the RPD, and went to work for the Palmyra, NY Police department, which is well known for hiring officers who have a history of misconduct and corruption, including ones who have been fired from other departnents like Pignato was.

Shortly afterwards, Pignato was hired by former Greece, NY Police Chief Merritt Rahn.

Both Rahn and the Town of Greece, NY were well aware of Pignato's last, including his termination from the Rochester Police department, and despite this, Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger and the Town board, approved Pignato's hiring.

In 2009, Greece Police officer Gary Pignato was charged with bribery and coercion, stemming from several traffic stops of women, whom he would try to force into having sex with him in exchange for him letting them off traffic tickets and crimes.

At his sentencing, Pignato told the Judge "I literally placed my life on the line" as an officer and that it's "degrading and demoralizing to be in jail."

Former Greece, NY Police Sgt.
Nick Joseph

Pignato was sentenced 2 to 6 years in New York State Prison.

In 2010, Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn was convicted of several felonies in connection with covering up not only for Pignato, but also for former Greece, NY Police Sgt. Nick Joseph.

Joseph, the brother of Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David Joseph, was high on cocaine and alcohol, when he got behind the wheel of his brother's Ford Fusion and rear ended a stalled vehicle on interstate 390 doing in excess of 75 miles per hour.

Inside that vehicle was Alexis Sharpe, who was pregnant.

The impact ruptured Sharpe's placenta and she had to undergo emergency surgery, forcing her to deliver her daughter, Azaria, 14 weeks prematurely.

Azaria spent 93 days in the hospital and suffers ongoing medical problems.

Nick Joseph fled under the cover of darkness immediately after crashing into Sharpe's vehicle.

Joseph was later convicted and sentenced to 3 to 7 years in State prison.

In 1997 Nick Joseph broke into my home without a warrant, beat me and falsely arrested me in retaliation for my having videotaped his brother, David Joseph, (now a Sgt. With tne RPD) a few months earlier, mistreating a Jamaican motorist during a traffic stop.

Rahn was found guilty of tampering with public records, hindering a prosecution, falsifying business records, falsely reporting an incident, and two counts of official misconduct in an attempt to cover up the Nick Joseph hit and run.

Former Greece, NY Police Chief
Merritt Rahn

He was also found guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the case of former Greece Police officer Gary Pignato’s background check.

Gary Pignato was paroled last year, after serving four years in prison.

Two of the women who former Greece, NY Police officer Gary Pignato coerced into sex, are his suing Pignato and the Town of Greece, NY.

On April 2, New York State Supreme Coirt Justice Robert Wiggins ruled that Gary Pignato can not be attend depositions, where his female victims will be present.

The decision is unusual as defendants are usually allowed to attend depositions where their accusers are present.

However, in Pignato's case, the judge agreed with the women's attorney, who said that Pignato's presence could cause further psychological damage to the women.

Justice Wiggins ruled that Pignato can watch the depositions via a video audio feed.

One of the women suing Pignato and the Town of Greece is the same woman whose boyfriend had called police for a domestic dispute involving her boyfriend.

The other woman suing Pignato and the Town of Greece is one whom Gary Pignato caught smoking marijuana at her home in 2005.

Pignato threatened to report the woman to CPS (Child Protective Services) if she didn't have sex with him.

Greece, NY Police Chief
Patrick Phelan

That woman, terrified of having her children taken away, also had sex with Greece, NY Police officer Gary Pignato.

When it comes to the Greece, NY Police departnent's long history of misconduct and corruption, newly appointed Greece Police Chief Patrick Plelan wishes people would just forget.

Click Play below to watch my video, where I crash Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan's press conference and ask him is there still a problem with corruption in his department.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Racial Profiling Alive and Well in Rochester, NY (VIDEO)

Rochester, NY's Boys in Blue

By Davy V.

If you're black in Rochester, NY you're likely to be racially profiled, illegally searched, thrown to the ground, and have your constitutional rights violated by Rochester, NY Police officers.

All for being BWW.

Black While Walking.

Rochester, NY Police Mobile Command Unit
conducting intense racial profiling.
With the weather finally breaking, and temperatures rising, Rochester, NY Police will no doubt intensify their "Operation Cool Down", which former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard introduced a couple of years ago, and which basically gives already, prejudiced, and racist white RPD officers, even more of an excuse to racially profile minorities.

“If you’re riding a bike and it doesn’t have a bell, we’re going to stop you. If it doesn’t have lights, we’re going to stop you. Tail light’s out – we’re going to stop you, If you’re on a corner and we think you’re engaged in criminal activity, we’re going to stop you," former Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard said last year.
Two Rochester, NY Police officers
profile African-Americans
with the assistance of camera above.

“We're going to be clearing corners. We're going to be checking for guns. We're going to be doing the traffic stops and the bike stops, all those things because we know we have to set the tone and set it early,” Sheppard said.

And, although at first it sounds like good, proactive police work, what the Rochester Police department, and City officials, including mayor Lovely Warren don't want taxpayers to know, is just how many innocent citizens ate being racially profiled, harassed, and abused in inner city neighborhoods, simply for being Black While Walking.

Or Black While Riding.

Or Black While Driviing.

Or, as was the case with Benny Warr, an African-American, disabled, one-legged amputee who was picked up off his motorized wheelchair, slammed to the sidewalk, pepper sprayed and beaten by white Rochester, NY Police officers while waiting for the city bus, BLACK WHILE STANDING.

The video below shows a preview of what African-Americans can expect as the weather gets nicer.

It shows a black young man laying flat on a sidewalk on Thurston Rd., handcuffed, while at least one white Rochester Police officer searches him, before putting him on the back of a police cruiser, Monday afternoon.

To all the African-Americans who voted for Lovely Warren, Rochester, NY's first African-American female mayor, just know, that Lovely Warren is not only fully aware of the Rochester Police department racially profiling African-Americans, but even more disturbing, she completely approves of it.

Click Play to watch video

Click Play to watch video of Rochester, NY Police officers Anthony Liberatore, Joseph Ferrigno, and Mitchell Stewart II, beating disabled, one-legged amputee


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Greece, NY Police Department to Move Out of Shit House Station

By Davy V.
According to Greece, NY Town Supervisor Bill Relich, the Greece, NY Police department needs a new police station, because their old one is, well... Crap.
You see, the GPD's station located on Island Cottage Rd. In the town of Greece, used to be a sewage treatment plant before the Greece Police department called it home.
Reilich said the plan is to bring a new Greece Police headquarters to the Greece Town Hall, located on Long Pond Rd., sometime within the next two years.
“We need a police station that can accommodate all the electronics and high tech information that a police officer deals with and this new facility will provide that," said Reilich.
In other words, not the shit hole they currently occupy.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon Appears in Court to Answer DWI Charge (VIDEO)

Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor
Leonard Redon's mugshot
By Davy V.
Two things I can almost guarantee would NOT happen if YOU, I or your loved one were to be pulled over, by New York State Police, or any other law enforcement agency, for speeding, having an expired inspection sticker on our car, and driving drunk, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .13, nearly twice the legal limit.
First of all, neither I, nor YOU would receive the courtesy of being issued an appearance ticket, to spare us from spending the night in jail.
And second, you can bet that at our first court appearance, there would be next to no discussion of a plea bargain.
At the very least, if there was any mention of a plea bargain, it certainly wouldn't be initiated by the judge.
But when you're second in charge of Rochester, NY, well, let's just say you're treated much different than the average tax paying citizen.
Take, for instance, Rochester, NY deputy mayor Leonatd Redon, who was pulled over by New York State Police Wednesday March 19th around 11:30 p.m. on interstate 490 in Rochester.
Redon, who was drunk, and who according to New York State Police, had an blood alcohol level of .13, nearly twice the legal limit, was charged with DWI, speeding, and driving with an expired inspection sticker on his car.
Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon
walks to court with his attorney.

photo: Davy V.
Even though Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon put countless innocent lives at risk driving drunk, and speeding, New York State Police extended the Deputy Mayor a courtesy, which would NEVER be extended to me or YOU.
New York State Police issued Redon an appearance ticket.
In other words, a Stay Out of Jail card.
Last Tuesday, Redon was scheduled to appear in court, however his appearance was rescheduled for Thursday morning.
In court, Redon surrendered his drivers license, which was nothing more than a slick move on his attorney's part, in order to gain his client some empathy from the court.
And it worked.
Rochester City Court Judge Mel Castro encouraged both sides to try to work on a plea deal, which is almost unheard of in a DWI case, on the first appearance in court.
But again, when you're a politician in a position of power, and your attorney is one of the top DWI attorneys on the country, this is what happens.
Talks of a plea deal on the first court appearance.
And as far as Rpchester, NY deputy mayor Leonard Redon surrendering his license?
He lives one block from Rochester City Hall.
It's a very short walk.
Smart move, until it all blows over.
And it will.
It always does.

Click Play below to see video where I ask Rochester deputy mayor Leonard Redon some questions on his way to court.

Click link below to read my original piece on Rochester, NY deputy mayor Leonard Redon's DWI arrest

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

St. Louis Cops Caught on Video Beating Mentally-ill Man: "Put your fucking hands behind your back motherfucker!"

St Loius cop strikes
mentally-ill man with baton
By Davy V.
Like I always say... Think twice before calling police.
Because many times, calling the police is calling in another problem.
Take, for instance, a family of a mentally-ill man named Mario Crump, who called St. Louis Police for help when their loved one began acting erratic.
Crump is a client of Independence Center, a St. Louis, Missouri organization which assists individuals with mental illness.
The disturbing video of the incident, which took place on March 22nd, but is just now gaining attention, after being posted on the internet, shows two St. Louis cops beating Crump, who is sitting in a chair, as one officer repeatedly strikes Crump with his department issued collapsible baton, while yelling at the African-American mentally-ill man "Put your fucking hands behind your back motherfucker!"
The second officer can be seen punching Crump.
Mike Keller, executive director of Independence Center says that the video shows there is a need for more training for more police officers, when of comes to dealing with mentally-ill and emotionally disturbed persons.
Keller said that police need more Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), to know how to distinguish criminal behavior or conduct from a person whose behavior is caused by mental illness.
“I want to give the police whom I have an affinity for the benefit of the doubt, but that video was soul-scarring,” said Keller.
St. Louis Police Chief
Sam Dotson
St. Louis Police department Chief Sam Dotson maintains that almost half of his approx. 1,200 officers are CIT certified.
What a coincidence Chief... I guess these two officers just happen to be from the approximately 600 officers who are not trained to deal with mentally-ill persons? 
Chief Dotson said he has started an internal investigation.
Of course, in typical textbook cop damage control, Chief Dotson stopped short of taking accountability for his two thugs in uniform who beat a mentally-ill man, and instead seemed to be more interested in passing the blame on society.
“Certainly I want to make this a teachable moment,” Dotson said. “But we also have to understand that society, with cutbacks in the mental health field, have really left individuals kind of in an area of limbo.”
Way to go Chief.
Blame society for your thugs' actions.
So much for you wanting to make this a teachable moment.

Note: Despite having received countless baton strikes and punches, Mario Crump was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Contact St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson (314) 444-5624

Click Play to watch video

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