Monday, August 24, 2015

Hypocrisy Runs Rampant in Rochester, NY After Drive-by Shooting Leaves 3 Black Youths Dead, As "Black Owned" WDKX 103.9 Radio Station Glorifies Black on Black Violence

By Davy V.

My hometown of Rochester, NY has made national headlines several times in the last few years.

Rochester is ranked the third poorest city in the country, with a child poverty rate of 46 percent.

That's more than double the national average of 20 percent.

Rochester is also the 5th most watched city in the U.S.

Watched as in surveillance.

As in Big Brother.

In fact, Rochester has so many police surveillance cameras, that it takes George Orwell's "1984" novel to a whole new level.

Last Wednesday, Rochester once again made national news headlines.

And once again, it wasn't for anything positive.

Not at all.

You see, there was a basketball game at a Boys and Girls Club, and after the game was over, a group of black youths were hanging out on a street corner when a car pulled up and at least one suspect opened fire, shooting a total of seven youths, killing three, two of whom died at the scene.

The sounds of gunshots and cries for help brought everyone out.

Neighborhood residents ran off their porches and out of their homes, rushing to the scene.

Some folks pulled their cars over on the side of the road, as sirens filled the warm night air.

As large crowds of onlookers gathered, police officers shined their black metal Maglight flashlights on the blood soaked pavement looking for shell casings, as other officers unfolded rolls of yellow crime scene tape, tying it to street sign posts, to cordone off the scene of the massacre.

Corporate-run mainstream news media trucks raised their satellite towers high in the sky, as a few female reporters did their make up and brushed their hair, preparing for their live shots.

And then came the hypocrites.

And boy were there a lot of them.

Like the ex-pimps and hustlers turned preachers, pastors, and reverends screaming "Stop the violence!"

You know, the ones who have found a new and improved way to pimp and hustle.


The same ones who drive shiny Cadillacs with the "CLERGY" vanity license plate in their Caddy's rear window, wedged in between the brake light and the glass.


These are the same preachers who NEVER leave their pulpits.

The same individuals who NEVER walk the inner city neighborhoods.

The same preachers, pastors, and reverends who NEVER care about how the youth are doing out here in these streets.

The same ones who have NEVER given a damn about the youths.

Except when those news cameras are rolling.

Then all of a sudden they care.

About their 15 minutes of fame.

Then it's back to pimping and hustling their congregations.

And then came the politicians.

They were also screaming something about "Stop the violence!"

Like Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden, who once posted on Facebook that he would bring violence to someonep's front door, simply because the taxpayer publicly criticized hm on social media.


But at least Adam McFadden showed his face, which is more than can be said about Rochester's own David Gantt, a slumlord and New York State Assemblyman, who is also Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's mentor and former boss.

Gantt has been M.I.A. and hasn't uttered a peep about the massacre of the black youths.

But that's politicians for you.


And speaking of Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, the walking train wreck since being elected in 2014, was somewhere in the city, also screaming something about "Stop the violence!"

This coming from a woman who after being elected Mayor, defended her husband, Timothy Granison, after it was revealed that Granison was a key player in one of the biggest armed robberies in Rochester, NY history.

Nearly $1 Million.

A robbery so violent, that one of Mayor Lovely Warren's husband's partners in crime put a loaded gun to a jewelry store employee's head, and threatened the terrified woman, yelling that he would shoot her if she didn't run the jewels.



The hypocrites were out in full force.

Even Rochester's WHAM 1180 AM Radio show host Bob Lonsberry, who for years has spewed his racist and divisive poison over Rochester's airwaves, and who has made thousands of dollars with his "FUBO" (FUCK YOU BARACK OBAMA) line of t-shirts, was at the scene of the of the drive-by shooting, screaming something about "Stop the violence!", during a live remote for his radio show the very next day.


But perhaps the biggest hypocrites are Rochester's "Black owned" 103.9 WDKX Radio station.

For years I've called the station out for putting profit and ratings over the quality of life of minorities, especially African-Americans, in Rochester, NY.

After all, 103.9 WDKX, which was founded in 1974, by Andrew Langston, and  is now owned by his son Andre Marcel, has, for more than 40 years touted themselves about being "Black owned" and caring about Rochester's black community.

Immediately after the shooting that left three black youths dead, and four more injured, 103.9 WDKX jumped on the "Stop the Violence!" bandwagon.

But the fact is that WDKX profits off of glorifying mysogynysm and violence.

Black on black violence.

Take, for example, a song on heavy play rotation on WDKX, by New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap.

The song "My Way" is an example what is wrong with the black community.

No respect for human life.

And no respect for women.

In "My Way", which is on WDKX's Top 50 play list, and which played several times on the same night as the drive-by massacre, referring to what he would do to another man, Fetty Wap raps, "All headshots if you think you could take my bitch... swear when I shoot I won't miss."

But wait, there's more.

Fetty Wap continues, "If he disrespects, two shots, and I won't blink, I never really cared what the fuck these niggas think."

In another song "679", which WDKX is pushing to young impressionable black minds, Fetty Wap continues his violent filled genocide rhetoric.

Once again referring to another man, Fetty Wap raps, "He playing Batman, Fetty's gon' rob him, I got a Glock in my 'rari (Ferarri), 17 shots, no 38"

To clarify, he's basically saying thatvhescgping to rob another man, with his Glock, which holds 17 shots, and is better than a .38.


WDKX 103.9 is also spinning Rich Homie Quan's hit "Flex", where he, well, you see for yourself.

In "Flex", Rich Homie Quan makes it pretty clear what he, a black man, thinks of women.

"Give that ho some x, she gone wanna sex every nigga on the set."

Quan is referring to drugging a female by giving her the drug Ecstacy, and once she's drugged, she will have sex with everyone on the set.

Then there's the aptly named "No Role Modelz", by rapper and producer J. Cole, which, yep, you guessed it, is also on heavy play rotation by WDKX 103.9.

In 'No Role Modelz", J. Cole, with lyrics such as "I get my bitch pregnant I'ma be a better you", "One time for my LA hoes", and "Before I started calling bitches bitches so heavily," J. Cole makes it more than clear what he thinks about women.

They're nothing more than a "Bitch."

This is the sort of poison that Rochester's "Black owned" 103.9 WDKX is pushing to young black listeners.

Which is why I was disgusted to see the station tweet the following comments on their Twitter account:

"Do you think that homes have failed their children? Text the Frontline (585) 678-1039 with your opinion."

Or this one below: "Let's check ourselves and then our households in order to move forward."

And this tweet below: "Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those lost last night due to violence."

By the way, WDKX is named after Douglass, as in the father of the Civil Rights movement, Frederick Douglass, who is buried in Rochester's Mount Hope Cemetery, King, as in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and X, as in Malcolm X.

The station, its owner Andre Marcel, and anyone who works for them are hypocrites.

Of course, you WILL NOT see anyone in Rochester, NY, especially NO BLACK PREACHER OR REVEREND call out the "Black owned station.

You WILL NOT see Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren who has been a regular first on WDKX's "Water Cooler" morning show segment, call out the "Black owned" station.

You WILL NOT see Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden, who is also a regular guest on WDKX's "Water Cooler" show, calling out the "Black owned" station.

You WILL NOT see Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, who is also a regular guest on WDKX's "Water Cooler" show, call out the "Black owned" station.

You WILL NOT even see a racist radio show host like Bob Lonsberry, or any other media personality call out the "Black owned" station.

In fact, as you can see in the photo below, Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli is too busy posing for photos at the scene of the drive-by shooting that claimed three lives.


In closing, let me be clear about something.



I was raised on REAL HIP HOP.

I will never forget the first Hip Hop song I ever heard.

Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight".

I was hooked.

But I'm from a different time.

A time when rap music had a social message,

A time when Public Enemy's "Fight the Power!", and KRS One's "Sound of Da Police" was a wake up call to inner city youths such as myself.

A time when rap music, REAL rap music had such a potential to bring about much needed change.

And empowerment.

But then something happened.

Hip Hop sold out.

And songs about mysogynysm and black genocide took over.

And stations like Rochester's 103.9 WDKX, who put profits and ratings over lives, became the number one purveyors of the mysogynysm.

And of the black genocide.

I wonder what Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., or Malcolm or X would say.

Note: I reached out to WDKX, and the following DJ's for comment...
DJ Sight, DJ Reign, DJ Bacspin, DJ Jazzy T, and DJ Mr. Atu.
All declined comment.





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Monday, August 17, 2015

Former Rochester, NY Fire Department Recruit Alleges Racism and Discrimination; "The City of Rochester Remains a Good Ole Boys Club, and the Mayor Does Nothing About It."

Davy V.

An African-American ex-fire recruit in the Rochester, NY Fire Department says he faced discrimination and racism from fellow recruits.

The man, who describes the City of Rochester as a "Good Ole Boys Club", asked me not to publish his name for fear fear of retaliation by City of Rochester officials against his wife, who works for the city.

Below, in his own words, is the email he sent me.

"I wanted to become a firefighter every since the fire department in my hometown rescued my family when I was 5 years old. When I moved here to Rochester  at the age of 18, I quickly realized that the fire department didn't really hire minorities. Years down the road I was able to settle for a volunteer firefighter position which was an amazing opportunity for 5 years. Then Lovely Warren stepped into office. I finally had the opportunity to get a paid job as a firefighter, a life long dream. 

It took almost 3 years after the exam to get hired, so I kept my nose clean so that when the day came I would hopefully get hired, and I did. On January 5, 2015 I entered the Academy. The academy was a great experience, but I quickly realized that we had a problem. The recruit class didn't work as a team and there were clicks. Many of the white recruits had an edge on the minority recruits. They came in with EMS certification and experience. These recruits really excelled in the class, but a lot of others struggled, because it was the first time they ever took any type of medical course. The minority recruits were constantly under threat of loosing there job, because they were failing tests. 

Then the clicks formed. The white recruits who were doing really well, because most of them were already certified EMT'S made fun of the minority group that struggled. There was even rumors outside of the academy that all the minorities were dumb and lazy. There was one black recruit who struggled with the test and physically. 

The white recruits really gave this guy a hard time and made fun of him. He told me that they wouldn't even speak to him, and I also witnessed this on many occasions and couldn't believe it. After exercises every morning we took a test. These test were computer tests which generated a score immediately after you finished. 

Once we all finished we would returned to class and the white clicks would run around the class to see how the minority group of recruits did on the test, so they could feel superior. At the end of each week they had what they called a DOR. A DOR was a progress report of the how you were doing overall in the class and with the exercises.

Every minority I would talk to afterwards always came out feeling discouraged and put down. They were told things like, why are you here, or you don't even look like a firefighter, you should just resign. 

Although it was a struggle, these guys fought with everything they had, but soon they started getting the boot.  

There were 8 minorities altogether, 5 blacks, 2 Hispanics, and 1 native American. Two of these recruits destroyed their own careers and only 1 graduated. Although we all struggled with EMS we all passed the state test and became EMT'S. 

The EMS instructors were the best. These guys  were there for all of us and they got us through the EMS portion with flying colors. They were always approachable and would even stay late to help you if you needed it, which I myself took advantage of many times. 

The fire portion is where the problems really got out of hand. I understood that this portion would be tough as it should, but this is were true colors came out. The previous EMS instructors were now gone, we now had new instructors . These guys I knew would be tough, which they should be, but that wasn't the problem. 

They began forcing all of the minority recruits to resign when they got injured. They had a two step process in doing this. Myself for example I got injured, but I was good to go. I was only reporting my injuries in case things got worse, but each time they sent me to see my doctor then their doctor at OEM. 

This went on each time I reported anything. I even told them I can wait until my days off to deal with it, but they would take you out anyway. This is how they made you loose valuable training time, so eventually they can force you to resign. There was only one injury where i needed to see a doctor during training. All the other things were petty, and it counted against me. This is how they got rid of all of the remaining minorities. 

In my case i was cleared by my doctor, but their doctor gave me a hard time and said I should just resign. We even got into an argument, they got legal with me, saying you just want workman's comp. And she would constantly go back and forth talking to me and calling the fire department as if they were coaching her. 

This is were they get you as they did with many other recruit classes in the past. With their doctor you get held up for a week or two as in my case. So now you've lost time, amd then they're justified in forcing you out. They tell you, you can either resign or be terminated.

Either way you're out of here. But if we terminate you won't  be able to work for the Rochester fire department again. However if you resign you can possibly get reinstated. So obviously everyone resigns, because they're going to fire you anyway. 

Why not get another chance? They're supposed to give you make up time or send you to another academy to finish up. But since we were all minorities we had no other choice, but to resign or be fired. 

I even went for a hearing which was a joke. They talk to you like you're  stupid with silly smirks on their face and give you only 10 minutes to talk. The representatives for the RFD even told lies which i wasn't able to defend myself on. But the civil service committee takes their word for it and denies your request before you walk out the door.

I even had someone from the 911 center send a letter about me to affirmative action stating that i was harassing someone at their center. This was falsified information. There were no police reports, neither did anything like this take place. 

The head of ECD 911 has it in for my wife so now they were reaching out to me. This report was included with my paperwork with the civil service. Whoever wrote this remained anonymous and the civil service or affirmative action would not reveal who. My reinstatement request was denied, because the RDF lied and the 911 center played their part in it and they don't even know me. Now all of my phone calls or request to speak with the Mayor are ignored. 

It's been once again swept under the rug. The City of Rochester remains a good ole boys club and the Mayor, civil service, and any other governmental body does nothing about it. 

My advice to any minority taking the test is don't.

They only want your money for the exam fee. 

And if you get hired they will find a way to make sure you don't make it."

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren


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Community Policing 101: Rochester, NY Police officers Play 2 on 2 Basketball With Youths

Rochester, NY Police officers play 2 on 2 with youths.

By Davy V.

For years I've had to put up with critics who claim that I never commend police officers for doing anything positive.

Not true at all.

In November of 2013, I witnessed Rochester, NY Police homicide investigator David Simpson helping an elderly woman cross a busy intersection in November of 2013.

Simpson, who got out of his unmarked Chevy Impala helped the woman who was pushing a small shopping cart. (SEE LINK TO MY STORY ON SIMPSON BELOW)

I quickly pulled my car over to the side of the road, and snapped some photos of investigator Simpson's good deed.

Rochester, NY Police investigator David Simpson helps elderly woman cross street
Photo by Davy V.

And, when someone sent me a photo of Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts, taking a few minutes of her time to play hopscotch on a sidewalk with some young girls, I had a story on my blog within minutes.


Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts hopscotching with neighborhood kids.

And when someone recorded a of video of a Rochester, NY Police officer who stopped his car in traffic, to help a woman in a wheelchair make it safely up a shopping plaza sidewalk, I also wrote about it. (SEE LINK BELOW)

Bottom line, if I see or hear about a law enforcement officer going out of his or her way to make a positive difference, and especially a positive impression on youth, I'm gonna write about it!

Just as quick as I am to expose a dirty cop violating his or her oath.

Take, for example the Rochester, NY Police officers in the photo below.

A woman driving home from work last Friday evening saw two police cars with their lights flashing, parked in front of a basketball court on North Clnton Avenue, on Rochester's northeast side.

"I said oh oh, something happened," the woman wrote in a Facebook post where she posted the photos below.

"And when I got closer, there was no incident at all."

"There were two police officers shooting hoops and playing with the children, and I was so happy as a citizen to see that they were so into the game with the kids, first time I see this, I commend these officers taking the tone out, even if it's 15 minutes to play with these children."

So what do I think?

I think what these two Rochester, NY Police officers did was great.

Most officers wouldn't do this.

And the woman is right, they should be commended.

Thank you officers.

Thank you for taking the time to engage these youths in a positive way, and shooting some 2 on 2 with them.

Hopefully after reading this, more officers will follow your example.

Community Policng 101.

Rochester, NY Police officers play 2 on 2 with youths.

Rochester, NY Police investigator David Simpson gels elderly woman cross street.
Photo by Davy V.

Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts plays hopscotch with inner city youth.

Rochester, NY Police officer helps woman in wheelchair.

Rochester, NY Police officer helps woman in wheelchair.

Click Play on the link below to watch Rochester, NY Police officer helping woman in wheelchair. 

Click link below to read my piece on Rochester, NY Police investigator David Simpson.

Click link below to read my piece on Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts.


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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rochester, NY Police officer Caught on Video... Helping Woman in Wheelchair

Rochester, NY Police officer helps woman in wheelchair.

By Davy V.

In today's day and age, rarely do we hear about, or get to see, a police officer doing a good deed.

And it seems as though the only time a law enforcement officer is captured on video, is when they're doing something wrong.

For example, beating or killing someone.

Which is why it was so refreshing for me when I witnessed Rochester, NY Police homicide investigator David Simpson helping an elderly woman cross a busy intersection in November of 2013.

Simpson, who got out of his unmarked Chevy Impala helped the woman who was pushing a grocery cart. (SEE LINK TO MY STORY ON SIMPSON BELOW)

Rochester, NY Police investigator David Simpson helps elderly woman cross street
Photo by Davy V.

Or when I published a photo of Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts, or as I dubbed her, "The Hopscotch Cop", playing hopscotch on a city sidewalk with neighborhood kids.


Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts hopscotching with neighborhood kids.

And today, a video posted to YouTube (CLICK LINK BELOW TO WATCH VIDEO) shows a Rochester, NY Police officer who stopped his car in traffic, to help a woman in a wheelchair make it safely up a shopping plaza sidewalk on Rochester's North Goodman Street.

These sorts of acts of kindness on behalf of police officers remind me of "Officer Friendly", wh visited my 2nd grade class at Jonathan Child #21 School in Rochester.

That's when I was taught that police officers were your friend.

And that you could trust them.

Until Rochester, NY Police officers Randall "Rambo" Benjamin, and Mark Mariano kicked in the front door to our home, illegally entered our hone without a warrant, terrorized me and my family at gunpoint, and threatened to shoot our dog.

To the Rochester, NY Police officer who helped this woman, Thank you officer.

You've reminded of a time of innocence.

Rochester, NY Police officer helps woman in wheelchair.

Click Play on the link below to watch Rochester, NY Police officer helping woman in wheelchair. 

Click link below to read my piece on Rochester, NY Police investigator David Simpson.

Click link below to read my piece on Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts.


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Open Letter to Rochester, NY's Black Community

Black youths fighting on Rochester's Conkey Avenue.

By Davy V.

There's some exciting things in the works.

For one,will soon be taking this blog to a higher level, moving away from writing exclusively about issues in my hometown of Rochester, NY, and expanding beyond.

Also in the works is my first book, a podcast, and my upcoming film, A Promise to My Dad, which I need your support with. (SEE LINK BELOW), and I'm looking forward to my work and my dad's work being featured in an upcoming film by an internationally acclaimed filmmaker.

Which brings me to something that I just have to get off my chest.

I'm not really surprised that  Rochester's African-American community has steadfastly refused to support me.

But it's kind of ironic.

You see, for the past 20-plus years, I have been the only one in my hometown of Rochester, NY with COJONES big enough to stand up to and denounce senseless executions of unarmed, innocent blacks by trigger-happy Rochester, NY cops.

But I guess I understand why Rochester's black community is pissed off at me.

You see, I have called them out.

And I will continue to do so.

Let me explain.

In many ways, Rochester, NY is a slave town.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Blacks in Rochester, NY have a very much slave-like mentality.

Which is very sad considering the great work that Frederick Douglass, who is buried in Rochester's historic Mount Hope Cemetery, and who is known as the father of the civil rights movement, did for slaves. 

First of all, they're scared to stand up to "the white man", (I.E.: the system, city, and county gov't) and that's why blacks in Rochester are complacent and afraid to get involved in issues affecting them, such as police misconduct and corruption.

So other folks such as me, have to do it for them.

Second of all, blacks in Rochester would rather stand in line for the release of the newest pair of Jordans, and support "the white man",Nike CEO Phil Knight, giving him their $250 than support someone who grew up right here in Rochester, in the hood, who for the past 20-plus years, has stood up to and denounced one of the dirtiest, most corrupt police departments in the country, the Rochester Police Department.

The black culture is in serious trouble, all over the country, and especially in Rochester, NY.

Absent deadbeat fathers.

Young girls having babies who are born into welfare.


Drugs, and crimes,

Young Black youths getting caught up in the legal system sometimes as early as 12 years old or younger.

Black women are suffering from major identity crisis, quick to talk about "that fucking white bitch" yet want so bad to look white themselves,

Weave. (Fake hair.)


Fake contacts.

Fake eyelashes.

I can go on and on, but I'll save it for my upcoming book.

So black community, you don't have to support me.

Instead why don't you support yourselves?


What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about the state of the black communities if he were alive?

What would he say about black women introducing their children to man after man, after man, after man?

What would he say about deadbeat absent black fathers?

What would he say about black youths trying to kill each other downtown while they video record it and upload it to World Star Hip Hop?

What would he say about black women, and men living off the system, filling up 3 or 4 shopping carts at WalMart with free food every 1st and 16th?

What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, when a cop kills a black youth, but yet black youths don't have any respect their own lives, or the lives of another black youth.


What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Do?

Oh yeah, and don't get it twisted, I'm Latino.

So if anyone reading this wants to question my hood pass, check this out...

I was born and raised in one of Rochester's poorest, most crime ridden neighborhoods.

Ghost town.

Rochester's west side.

And I have children who are African-American and Latino.

The real question is, why aren't African-Americans in Rochester asking WTF is going on in their own culture?

Why does it take a Latino to call it like it is?


The Black community sure has a funny way of showing that #BlackLivesMatter

Click on the links below to see if Rochester's black community truly believes that #BlackLivesMatter


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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Video Shows Cincinnati Killer Cop Ray Tensing Violating Citizen's Rights During 2014 Traffic Stop

Ray Tessing at his arraignment

By Davy V.

A video posted to YouTube shows Ray Tensing, the Cincinatti University Police officer charged with murder after shooting an unarmed black man to death, conducting an illegal traffic stop of two men, and violating their civil rights.

The 2014 incident is especially disturbing and eerie to watch, given what we know now about how Tensing executed Sam Duboise. in what Cincinatti prosecuting attorney Joseph T. Deters called a "senseless, asinine shooting."

Tensing stopped Duboise on July 19th for allegedly not having a front plate on his Honda Accord.

Ray Tensing then tries to open Duboise's driver's door.

A few seconds later Tensing shoots the 43-year old Duboise in the head at point blank range.

Then, in an attempt to justify his executing an innocent, unarmed black man, Tensing lied, claiming 
that he was dragged by Duboise' car.

But Tensing's own body can video tells a different story.

Condeming Tensing's actions, Deters said the video is crucial evidence, as it shows that Sam Duboise was not aggressive in any way, and never posed a threat to Tensing.

"It was a senseless, asinine shooting," Deters said, adding "This doesn't happen in the United States, ok?"

"This might happen in Afghanistan, people don't get shot for a traffic stop."

In the 2014 video, Ray Tensing, in an eerily similar fashion, orders the men out of their vehicle, for no reason.

Check out the video below.

As far as Cincinatti prosecuting attorney Joseph T. Deters, while I applaud his denouncing Sam Duboise's execution by yet another trigger-happy cop, he's wrong.

Yes Mr. Deters.

This is the United States.

And people do get shot, AND KILLED for a traffic stop.

Especially when they're black.

Click link below to watch video of Ray Tensing's 2014 video.

Click link below to watch video of Sam Duboise shooting.


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